Milestone Case Study: Improves your processes, communication and reduces paperwork

This case study was written by Milestone Communications

"Fonn has worked seamlessly alongside our systems to improve our processes and alleviate the bottleneck in communication between sites and the office. With Fonn we are now delivering our feedback and reports to clients much quicker and effectively, we’ve cut our admin time and increased H&S and QA on site."

Reduced hefty paperwork

We have reduced hefty paper build packs down to a few drawing sheets. It also helps us to reduce admin on the handover packs after a job. This means no more WhatsApp groups with photos that need labels or missing photos. With Fonn we gather everything in order with a label on it, basically tied in a bow and ready to go to the client. Quick and easy.

Visibility on H&S and QA docs

Fonn has also increased visibility on our H&S and QA docs for audits and clients. Now all our QA, H&S and Certs are available to everyone in the team, clients and auditors, instantly. We have introduced H&S & QA audit points to our Scope of Works meaning every site meets the highest standards and we have a live feed on auditing that. Its all recorded along with the build work to give a full picture of work on site.

Exceptional customer service

The customer service is exceptional, and no problem has gone unanswered. There is a very hands on approach to moving you onto the software which doesn’t just drop off once you sign up, on top of this the feedback that is requested means we get to feel involved in developing the product for improvements and it feels like a partnership.

We are impatient for these new features to come out as each development is another bonus and we just want them as soon as we hear about them. They do have a quick turnaround, but we would like them yesterday!

Reasons for choosing Fonn

The software flexibility for our industry specific requirements and the price for a fully collaborative product were the main reasons for the choice. Our industry is admin heavy, highly reactive and fast paced, we needed something that was easily adaptable without restricting our workflow.

Others wanted a cost per licence which didn’t fulfil the collaborative function and the detailed project reports that can be produced are ideal for handovers and evaluation reports. No other software seemed to produce this report function on completion.

Milestone Communications specialise in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering as a contractor for the UK’s leading Telecoms and Renewable Energy suppliers. They are based in Leicestershire, UK and employ around 70 people across their site and office teams.

Read more about Milestone Communication Ltd. here.

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