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Bloor Homes, the largest privately owned home builder in the UK, faced its own challenge with the implementation of Part L regulatory changes. To comply, Bloor Homes needed a reliable solution that would allow them to capture and prove the quality of their installations at key build stages, without disrupting their existing processes.

Fonn's construction project management software presented Bloor with an alternative to their previous unstructured approach while seamlessly integrating with their existing workflow.

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Verto Homes is an award-winning house builder that provides zero carbon homes, leveraging technology to build truly environmentally friendly homes and communities. Their focus in zero carbon buildings has allowed them to develop a speciality for seeking out new initiatives and technologies that deliver the highest level of efficiencies.

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BLDG Construction is a specialist contractor, mainly working on domestic projects. They have honed their reputation for delivering the best in quality and craftsmanship and with plans to expand into more commercial work as part of their growth, BLDG were looking for ways that tech can support them in scaling up.

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Ascia Construction is a privately owned main contractor, working across multiple construction sectors including education and some residential projects for local authorities. Ascia Construction pride themselves on embracing new technologies to deliver on projects that make a real difference in communities, demonstrating the power of innovation in construction.

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As a company that works mainly in residential construction work, Steve Rolt Home Improvements understands the importance of quality in their work, delivering projects on time, and keeping to budget. The company is still growing, taking on more projects of larger size, so scalability of any solution they look at is important to the team.

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Northstone is a national house builder, part of the Peel Group. Their goal is to transform land into amazing communities, characterised by super efficient homes with brighter rooms, bigger windows, higher ceilings and truly open plan living.

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Lanyon Development works with different teams to collaborate on residential works including extensions, refurbishments and renovations. Working with a large number of subcontractors, architects, and designers meant Lanyon were in need of a system that made centralised communication much simpler. 

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Econekt are market leaders in self-build and provides everything from ICF foundations, building or floor insulation, to a fully Passivhaus certified home. This case study is reproduced from Econekt's website.

At Econekt, we always apply a collaborative approach when taking our clients on their self-build journey. As a result, we often team up with many industry-leading contractors and professionals. With our innovative and forward-thinking way of construction, we require technology that supports this to ensure seamless collaboration between everyone on a project, and that is where Fonn comes in.

For some time now, we have been using site-management tool Fonn on all our jobs. It can be used for many construction projects. Integrating both a web and mobile app, it is perfect for use on-site and back in the office. The useful thing with Fonn is, no matter what the size of the project is, it seamlessly integrates with it.

The key benefit of the application is its sheer simplicity in using during projects. It allows everyone from tradespeople and sub-contractors, right through to the design team and the self-builder to use the technology in unison. This alleviates the chance of delays, mistakes, and any possible miscommunication.

With its ease of navigation and features that allow all users to upload on-site drawings, photos and spreadsheets, communications between all parties are made seamless. All the aforementioned documents are updated in real-time, and it also supports BIM models on both web and mobile versions.

When any potential issues are encountered on-site, these are reported easily on the app with both images and text, allowing swift allocation of said problems to the relevant party. There are also incredible reporting functions that allow for instant messaging between all users, helping to alleviate any miscommunication and long communication trails that can sometimes get lost across different platforms. Another feature we find useful is the custom checklists – complete with visual aids.

There are lots of other useful features that Fonn offer including change requests, site registrations, RFI’s, submittals and forms. You can also implement budget changes and QA inspections. All of which help to monitor the progress of any project and if there are any tools that you will not use, these can be toggled off.

Fonn essentially has allowed us to communicate with all members of a project and has also help to simplify task allocation to the relevant party. Only required content is shown to each app user, and the contact details of each are stored should you require to contact them urgently.

At Econekt, trust and transparency are at the core of everything we do, and Fonn has really helped us maintain this with all our customers. The app allows the client access to everything that is happening on-site, from beginning to end.

Fonn is ideal for everything we do at Econekt as it has allowed for each project to come together seamlessly. It has completely removed the need for other platforms like email, instant messaging and text messaging as all communication is done in-app. The particular benefit of this is that everything is project specific, so each communication is recorded in-app, which saves time scrolling through lots of old emails to find one important piece of information, which we’ve all had to do at some point.

Our on-site risks have been significantly reduced as a result of implementing Fonn into our way of working, due to the continual stream of information available to users. One of our favourite features is the RFI function, allowing any of the members to request information from one another with the relevant parties receiving a notification when the request has been submitted.

The daily site diary feature has also been very helpful as this has given us a constant stream of information, even when off-site. This has eradicated the requirement for a site manager and has drastically lowered project management costs as we now do not pay for another level of management which isn’t required. You could say that Fonn has completely changed our way of working here at Econekt.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help with your self-build project, get in touch with one of our highly trained specialists today.

This case study was written by Milestone Communications

"Fonn has worked seamlessly alongside our systems to improve our processes and alleviate the bottleneck in communication between sites and the office. With Fonn we are now delivering our feedback and reports to clients much quicker and effectively, we’ve cut our admin time and increased H&S and QA on site."

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