Integrations & API

Fonn has an open API, which means we can integrate our system with almost anything.


We are on the integration platform Here you can easily make connections and integrations with your own systems, if they are also on Zapier. In addition, we can tailor integrations*

* Will require own development, and may incur additional cost

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Move documents

We have added the ability for you to move documents from Fonn to the desired storage such as Dropbox, Onedrive, Google and Egnyte. You can easily set up your own integrations in just a few clicks.

Zapier or own integration

Zapier or other integrations

These are some of the integrations that are possible with Zapier and Fonn:

  • Salesforce
  • Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • PipeDrive
  • Boligmappa
  • Slack
  • Safran
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Do you have any questions?

We are here to help. Ask us anything, or ask for a non-binding live demo with one of our product specialists. At Fonn, we have real people answering, not chat robots.