Timesheets & Check-Ins

Simple and flexible time tracking built for construction work. Manage your team's time effectively in line with your project's scope of works.


Fonn’s timesheets are quick and flexible. Log everything to your schedule, log general work and help your managers keep track of people on-site. Submit, review, and approve hours easily.

Links to Progress and Checklists

Links to progress

Time tracking in Fonn enables your team to enter their time in the same place where you manage your project and Scope of Works. Using one system to track progress, issues, tasks and time makes it easier to stay on top of your project.

Check IN Site Friendly

Site friendly

Our timesheets are designed to be used on-site, and ties into all tried and true mobile functionality at Fonn. Unifying your time tracking at Fonn gives you one less system to have to worry about.

Site attendance

Site attendance

Secure the check-in process using GPS location. Take safety and emergency protocol to the next level by knowing exactly who is on site, when. Stop leaving it to your teams' discretion.



Using GPS coordinates, people working on your jobs will only be allowed to check in for work when they are physically inside the parameters created by management. Use our tool to set your own work area to prevent fraudulent logging of work hours.

Simple reporting

Simple reporting

Tracking time accurately against progress means you can stay on top of your costs. You are in full control of hours spent, and progress made. Our system allows you to easily export reports for use in billing and invoicing. You no longer need to use a separate system for time tracking.

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