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Agile Business Technology (“Agile”) is a software consulting company, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, servicing the AECO Industry across Sub-Saharan Africa. They help Owners, Consultants and Contractors by deploying either core construction technology, integration, or automation tools to increase overall process efficiencies.

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Marketer Real Estate Technologies, Europe’s leading provider of intelligent digital solutions for the newbuild real estate industry, and Journey, provider of an extensive platform for the after-sales process, strengthens its end-to-end delivery to clients through a direct investment and strategic partnership with construction management software firm Fonn.

The Norwegian proptech company Marketer currently serves both new build developers and real estate agents in more than 15 countries, via advanced solution platforms spanning from plot acquisition and planning, sales and marketing, aftersales, and second-hand sales. Journey, which began as an in-house project at the real estate developer Atlas, has since its spin-out just over 12 months ago, grown at a record pace and signed up 30 customers in 3 countries, including some of the largest real estate developers in Norway. Fonn is regarded as the industry leading provider of construction management software, used by house builders, contractors, and real estate developers.

Marketer & Journey is excited to announce a strategic and commercial partnership with Fonn, in addition to making a limited equity investment in its new partner. Fonn currently has well above 300 clients, with more than half their revenue coming from outside of Norway including a dominant portion of this coming from the UK. The partnership is from both sides motivated by a very attractive fit between the product offerings of the two companies, resulting in a complete end-to-end solution for the entire post-sale phase.

"This marks a pivotal strategic and financial alliance, characterised by synergistic sales collaboration and deep solution integration, aimed at delivering a unified digital solution for property developers. From the standpoint of our customers, this approach not only streamlines costs but also enriches the value derived from managing entire project processes within a single, intelligent system. We are hugely optimistic regarding the potential of this partnership, with a particular focus on the UK market and later on a broader global scale", says Kaisa Eidet, COO of Marketer.

For Marketer, it is strategically important to enhance its product offering along the value chain that is represented throughout the entire life cycle of a new build project. This strategic move aligns perfectly with the company's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the real estate industry. This customer-centric initiative empowers clients to oversee every facet of their projects seamlessly, from inception to completion, within a single, user-friendly ecosystem.

"We have followed Marketer & Journey with a growing interest for some time now as they have steadily bolstered their product offering, and we strongly believe the timing is now perfect for both companies to pursue continued international growth through this tightly integrated partnership. In a combined effort, including the technical aspects, we empower our customers with a one-stop shop solution that enhances efficiency, streamlines processes, and elevates their overall experience", says CEO of Fonn, Jan Tore Grindheim.

The partnership between Marketer, Journey & Fonn marks a step forward in the proptech and construction management fields. Both companies aim to simplify and improve the lives of real estate professionals, and by joining forces they're poised to offer more streamlined services and integrated solutions along the life cycle of new build projects. This partnership is expected to deliver tangible benefits to real estate professionals and end-users alike.

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Fonn is a part of an exclusive community of business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in real estate and construction. Sharing value, building relationships.

“First and foremost, Qandor is about relationships. In business, relationships are the number one resource and without lots of very good relationships you will never realise your true potential. Qandor is also about helping one another, learning from each other, expanding your horizons and having some fun in the process! I am incredibly passionate about Qandor and have a dream that it can become an influential force for change in business, and even more widely, a force for good.” - Matt Siddell, Founder

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Brendan Quinn Events Mission: Events focused towards property investors and professionals who are wanting to move their business to the next level. We aspire to help you find associates in the property community to share ideas and resolve your particular challenges.

About Brendan Quinn:
Brendan started running monthly property events in 2010 after being inspired by a property investor who was looking for access to a wider network of similar minded professionals. 8 years later with 5 one day summits and over 100 evening events Brendan has established a following of both members and drop in individuals.

Brendan likes both the street wise and the newbie meeting and encourages all to participate. A growing network of sponsors equally supports the ongoing delivery of information rich and well informed events. Brendan is always looking for people who think they have something to share to an audience of property professionals. If you are interested in presenting and think you have something others would be interested in then get in touch.

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TrustedLand helps land owners, agents and property developers to find recommended professionals, consultants and specialists to progress land and property development projects, safe in the knowledge they are working with transparent and verified partners.

If you would like to speak to the team about the application process or would like to recommend a professional or developer who you believe should join us on the mission to #ChampiontheRealOnes, then please Get in Touch.

Who they are

TrustedLand was officially launched in 2018, following the introduction of TrustedLand Approved Developer and Agent programme in 2017.The platform and concierge service is dedicated to making the process of finding vetted and recommended SME developers and professionals faster and more reliable.The platform offers users the opportunity to identify recommended professional and experienced operators and consultants in a range of property development-related fields and offers Members the chance to establish an independent profile, portal for News and Advice, and list of recommendations from previous projects.

What’s the story behind Real Developer

In July 2019, Grosvenor Estates released their YouGov survey findings, showing a pretty dismal perception of developers, and trust towards them. Grosvenor’s ‘Rebuilding Trust’ report was followed closely by the British Property Federation’s revelations alongside it’s Redefining Real Estate piece, stating only 27% of public had a favourable view toward the property sector.

It was clear to TrustedLand as an SME land trading platform, which was created with a view to celebrating experience and professionalism, that there was an opportunity to start showcasing those who were capable of bucking the outward trend of perception.

The Estate Gazette was the first media platform to support the initiative, following a review of SME PD activity, where ‘amateur’ developers were considered as the cause behind many of the ‘slum PD’ schemes that had been reported in the press. Listen here to the original podcast interview with EG’s Sam McClary from 2019 Now, alongside certification, profiles and icons, Real Developer has evolved to provide each year’s recognised firms with profile raising opportunity, access to industry leaders and advisors, access to key partner exclusive rates and importantly, connection to land personnel and introductions, through requirements publication and matching.

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Fonn is a proud member of C-Tech Club which is a not-for-profit group for those working independently to lead the technology revolution in construction.

C-Tech Club is an open forum for discussion about market trends, new projects and opportunities. We share information and ideas on funding and clients. We encourage collaboration and co-operation between members.

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Explorer is the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. The organisation ensures that international needs are linked to Norwegian solutions.

Explorer is the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. The organisation ensures that international needs are linked to Norwegian solutions.

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