Construction Drawing and Document Management

Share documents, drawings, photos and more. Communicate changes and updates easily so your team miss nothing.


Never work from an out-of-date drawing again. All of your project drawings and documents are stored in the cloud, always available.

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Latest versions

Put all drawings and documents directly in the pockets of the project team. Ensures consistent quality with direct communication, interaction and access to the latest revision of drawings and specifications.

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Project Members Access

Role-controlled access

Construction management software that allows you to add and remove project members as needed; you choose who has access to documents in a project.

Org folders

Organisation folder

Organise your drawings and documents with ease. Create a standard company folder across all your projects, with all your standard documents. 

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Access from any device

A construction management app that just works - we have designed and developed our application for both iOS and Android. Fonn works on most mobiles.


Process docs in app

Measurement tools, plotting, annotations, signatures, document approvals and comments all directly on drawings. Never miss a thing. 

Submittals file types

Multi-file type support

Here are some examples of file formats we support viewing: PDF, IFC, DWG, DGN, JPG, PNG, MP4, Word, Excel, PPT, 360 images and many many more.
For a complete list, read more on our partner PdfTron's website.

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