Snag List Management & Issues

Quickly snap photos on-site and assign to project members to address issues and build actionable snag lists.


Save time logging issues and creating snags directly from your construction site. You can quickly add members, photos, tasks, and comments within an issue. 


Offline capability

You don't need an internet connection to add issues/snags to your project. Simply add any photos or comments and your project will be updated when you are next online.


Photos with mark-ups

Take photos in the field and annotate them to clearly identify issues and snags. Upload to the Fonn app and assign to project members as a task. No more lost photos in emails or chat threads, all photos are in the Fonn app and updated instantly.


Link to documents

Snags and issues can be linked to documents in your project's Scope of Works for better visibility, reducing the risk that snags are missed. Avoid costly delays when you know all of your snag lists are updated in one place. 

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