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A letter from the CEO: A Look Back and A Look Ahead

It’s been 5 years since I started working on Fonn full time. Watching the team grow, the product mature and our market position strengthen is a unique and amazing feeling. It’s comparable to seeing my child grow up. This 5-year-old “child”…

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Expensive isn't always better

Do you think $3.99 is different to $4.00? You do fall for "marketing hype" and pricing strategies? Do you think expensive always means something is better? Does being cost effective ever mean your service or product is inferior to those…

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap: Addressing Age, Skills & Image Discrepancies in Construction

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New innovations at Fonn

Some solutions in the AEC software space are done. Mission complete. It is what it is. If it looks like something from the '90s, it's probably because it is. Sound familiar? Fonn has a different Viewpoint...

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Achieving True Collaboration: Revenue-based Pricing as an Alternative for Construction Management Software

Historically, the construction industry has been slow or reluctant to adopt technology and software. There are an overwhelming number of software tools available, along with an overwhelming number of pricing models. This article identifies…

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Predictive analytics of construction projects - from fail and fix to predict and prevent

Construction projects requires diverse teams to plan, design, construct and uphold the project. It is commonly agreed that for a construction project to be successful it has to be completed on time within budget and according to the…

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Reducing construction mistakes and overconsumption of materials

The Fonn Construction site management tool provides all building project participants with easy access to up-to-date information. This improves communication, helping to avoid delays, mistakes and unnecessary resource use.

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What is an RFI and how to use RFIs effectively

An RFI is used in the construction industry when a project's construction documentation lacks information that is required to proceed with any given scope of work.

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Failure to change – lessons we can learn

Change management is one of the biggest hurdles that everybody faces. This can be in their personal life and their business life. We make many thousands of decisions every day, and as humans, we are creatures of habit. Doing what we know…

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Finding an alternative to Procore

If you have attended any trade event, visited an industry website, or signed up for a newsletter, you have probably seen a Procore advertisement. Procore is one of the biggest software providers in the AEC sector. Having raised over $250m…

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Productivity in Construction: The Elephant in the Room Needs to be Addressed

Construction productivity has been a topic of discussion for years. However, the industry remains one of the slowest to adapt. With automation, our world economy has grown immensely, leaving the construction industry, one of the largest…

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Fonn Named Top 50 Global ConTech Startup in 2019

We are honored to be considered a top 50 ConTech startup after a search for the world's best by BUILTWORLD and their partners.

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Construction Productivity

Almost all construction projects are subject to changes, and according to studies more than one third of all construction projects are subject to major change.

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Fonn – Picking up the hammer for you where Fieldlens left off helped to pioneer the disruptive technology innovation in the construction industry. With the thought of improving communication and documentation, they sought out to create a SaaS that would bring efficiency to the field.

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