Fonn – Picking up the hammer for you where Fieldlens left off

17. February 2021 Written by Eric Crawford, Director of Sales in North America
Skjermbilde 2021 02 17 kl 09 51 55 helped to pioneer the disruptive technology innovation in the construction industry. With the thought of improving communication and documentation, they sought out to create a SaaS that would bring efficiency to the field.

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Since their inception, several companies have come into the space to help assist in the ever-increasing demand of construction management software, including Fonn. At Fonn, we have taken the pioneering spirit of Fieldlens, and improved upon the features needed for full construction management.

Looking to replace your Fieldlens account?
Hearing the news that Fieldlens is not going to be around to support your operation might feel the same as the roof caving in on your building. “How do we transfer data from projects?” “We don’t have time to learn a new system!” “How do we know we are going to get the same results?” All fair thoughts and questions when switching to a new product as it can be a scary proposition. The team at Fonn will make your transition as steady as a 2” x 4” and with our personal attention to each of our clients you will soon trust us as much as your favorite hammer. Fonn has been steadily improving its features and capabilities and has recently been receiving more recognition in the industry. Check us out for more info about our team of great people and some of our recent awards.

Why Trust Fonn with your Operation?
Fonn is the new way to manage your construction projects. With an easy-to-use field tool and easy to understand office tool in one place, your job site will be more productive and your office will be more informed. We were designed for the builder, by builders and understand that user friendliness is the key to getting valuable data out of your software.

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Fonn is a customizable software built for any job, no matter how big or small. Plus, we have plenty of Fonn friends of all shapes and sizes that are willing to share their thoughts about us.

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