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16. September 2021 Written by David Lawrence
Innovation in construction 2

Some solutions in the AEC software space are done. Mission complete. It is what it is. If it looks like something from the '90s, it's probably because it is. Sound familiar? Fonn has a different Viewpoint...

We release updates every two weeks (roughly) and we have weekly request meetings to discuss all the various changes that our team and clients want on the product. Our crack team of devs and product managers then discuss each item in detail to understand the need and business case before we put the item into production.

Always be coding

We actually have a public roadmap, where anyone can see the things we are working on and all the new releases. Some people say we are crazy for sharing this, but our clients love it! You can check it out here.

Recent releases

Drawing comparisons - overlay two drawings and highlight the changes. You can instantly see the differences, as each revision is colour coded.

RFI email reply - so you want to send an RFI through Fonn, but some people (*cough* architects? *cough*) are not willing to log in and submit an answer. Now they can respond via an email link and get back to that 2-hour lunch break.

Fillable PDFs - Take your existing forms, upload them to Fonn and our Product Specialists will convert them to fillable PDFs - they look exactly the same as your existing forms (because they are the same form) but your team can fill them out on a mobile phone. Each form is then automatically saved in the correct folder on Fonn. No printers, no ink, no ring binders, no lost paperwork. A total game changer!

GEO fenced check-ins - Set up a radius on your project, then the site team can check-in using the Fonn app (iOS and Android). Our system will produce a CSV report that can be used in your payroll software too.

Zapier integration - There are loads of different integrations available on Fonn with the power of Zapier, recently we added the ability to push documents from Fonn to your choice of storage, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google etc.

So if you want more from your software provider, probably save on some costs, and have a sleek user experience that everyone can actually use, take a look at Fonn. You can try for free today.

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