The Writing is On the Wall: Manage Your Growth Without Growing Pains

11. February 2022 Written by Patricia Cuomo--Director, Global Marketing at Fonn
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Three main challenges will affect the construction sector in 2022: price, people and productivity*. At Fonn we are ready for 2022—is your construction company ready?

As construction companies begin to address the “price, people and productivity” issues, they are increasingly recognizing that software and other kinds of technology enable them to be more efficient and focused. Despite the disruption COVID has created for all industries, the IIJA (Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act), along with an estimated 6% increase in commercial construction suggests there’s no slowing down. These influences will require contractors to get the most from their technology investments—including those that help manage ongoing supply chain issues that will persist into 2023. They’ll also need to use those investments in technology to retain and recruit young workers to fill the labor gap, while deriving the highest levels of productivity as safely as possible. Growing doesn’t have to be painful. It’s time . . .

“Contractors should be proactive in managing processes and operations that contribute to margins and profitability, adding efficiencies and optimization where possible. Real-time information can help schedulers make better-informed decisions as well as develop alternate sourcing strategies and forward-looking insights to ensure minimum impact on projects. Smart project management can also help bring suppliers, vendor and contract management, and materials management onto a single platform.”


2022 Engineering & Construction Industry Outlook

The Writing is on the Wall

There's a reoccurring theme in the construction industry and the writing is on the wall: Technology is transforming the way contractors work. Using applications like Fonn, construction companies can leverage software to capture and share information throughout the organization--enabling them to focus on delivering projects on time and on budget.

Technology may not be the answer to every challenge you face as a contractor but using it in places where it makes the most sense creates a simpler, more streamlined, and more effective system for your teams on the ground, and those in the office.

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Prices & Supply Chain Disruptions

Rising construction costs will continue to challenge the construction industry in 2022. The Dodge Construction Network is projecting a 6% rise in commercial construction this year. Can you afford to NOT be achieving the best possible ROI on your construction management software? In the same way that companies periodically evaluate accounting, safety, or HR procedures, it may be time to evaluate and compare your construction management methods. If your solution doesn’t save you time, money, reduce re-work, improve your staff’s morale, or improve your margins—it’s time for that evaluation.

In addition, supply chain disruptions may become a way of life. One Wall Street survey indicates more than 90% of builders said there were shortages of appliances, lumber, plywood, windows, and doors.

While software and technology may not be able to correct the availability and price of materials, it can certainly help you plan, manage, and predict the progress of your projects.

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People, Productivity & Skilled Labor Shortages

How much time do you and your teams spend waiting for information? A McKinsey study suggests that 65% of a worker’s day is unproductive. (Huh?!!?) Accurate and timely information captured on project sites is the backbone for project health, productivity, and your bottom line! With skilled labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a 6% estimated increase in commercial construction, you can’t afford to not have every competitive advantage. Consider Fonn your secret weapon.

Fonn is in the market to make technology usable for everyone in construction. Young workers expect technology to be utilized in their desired fields. It's not a bonus, it's a requirement. Technology will never be adopted on job sites if it isn’t user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to implement. If you’re going to attract and recruit younger generations to fill the gap, create work environments where value adding technology and mobile apps like Fonn are commonplace.

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The Time is Now

Will 2022 be the year you embrace change? Engineering firms, contractors, and workers throughout the industry are realizing the benefits of, and increasingly deploying, construction technologies. Fonn software can help bring people, processes, and job sites onto one platform; making everyone, and everything—work smarter. We’ve compiled a list of growing pains but you can get ahead and stay ahead with Fonn.

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