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17. February 2021
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Our overall experience with Fonn has been very positive. Fonn has proven to be experts in their field. Whenever we express concern they always have a solution. Our clients have been pleased with project documentation. They always have the most current information in an easy to read format.

Always up to date

There are many functionalities of Fonn that we know to be the best. The intent of using a Project Management software is to have everything in one place. Fonn has done an impeccable job of building a software that does just that. Our project teams can build schedules, submit RFI’s and Submittals, build Meeting Minutes, perform Safety checks, document project progress, manage subcontractors, and even track warranty issues all from one place that is easy to use. Another obstacle we face is not always having wireless internet. The application is built to accommodate work without connectivity. Any updates made will be added to to Fonn when the user is back online.

Change is challenging

It’s always a challenge to integrate a new software system into an established company. Fonn uses Checklists as its hub of information. Initially, the concept of using a checklist for documentation and management seemed to be flimsy. The Fonn support /development team was quick to demonstrate the durability and sophistication of the software.

Support in the field

We do whatever we can to support our staff that are in the field building our projects. They have hundreds of responsibilities on site each day. Now they don’t have to go into multiple locations/applications, haul their laptop with them, or make sure they don’t go out of wifi range. Fonn is able to support them in the field in a way that no other software can. We also selected this software because it supported the office requirements. Our Safety Director, General Superintendent and Project Managers can quickly look at a project and know the compliance and progress. This software exceeded our expectations.

Strong software and knowledge

After using the trial and speaking with Fonn, we knew we were making the right decision to make the switch from Raken. Not only is their software strong enough to withstand the most challenging of projects, the people at Fonn are pleasant and very knowledgeable.

About Roche

Roche Constructors, Inc. provides general contracting services. They offer budgeting, scheduling, value assessments, constructibility reviews, project management, site selection assistance, analysis, site utilization and logistics planning, bid packaging and construction cost estimating services. Roche Constructors operates in Colorado, Nevada and Indiana. They employ roughly 200 staffers.

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