Higgihaus: Fonn has removed an age-old challenge of out-of-date paper drawings

24. March 2021 Written by Ian Holford (Higgihaus) and Ingvild Krokvik Mikkelsen
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As a property developer who handles their contracting in-house, we utilise Fonn to manage our construction sites on a day-to-day basis. Having a centralised document storage facility that ensures only current drawing revisions are available to our teams on site is exceptionally useful and has removed an age-old challenge of out-of-date paper drawings not being taken out of circulation on a job site.

Can you tell us about Higgihaus?

Higgihaus is on a mission. We’ve labelled it ‘through life social living’ and, at its heart, is the design and delivery of amazing living and working spaces that make a profound contribution to the world becoming a better, more positive and happier place. To that end, where, how and with whom one lives and works matters. And at higgihaus, we are resolved to design spaces that function extraordinarily well, but more than that, they must feel good too.

Our stock-in-trade is the reimagining and refurbishment of existing buildings. Buildings that have seen better days and are in desperate need of a new purpose better suited to the world as it is, rather than the world as it was. They are usually empty, generally tired and, more often than not, uninhabitable. They are always worth reinventing. Three years in, and a clutch of national industry awards later (including New Property Investor of the Year, 2018 and HMO Property Investor of the Year, 2019), the business is now moving at pace and faces the future with confidence and optimism.

How does Higgihaus use FONN, and what value does it bring to your company?

Fonn helps us to ensure all of our compliance documentation is up-to-date and available to everyone regardless of location, rather than being buried in an office or kicked around in a site file. For example, a method statement can be reviewed by a tradesman whilst working on top of a scaffold rather than having to trek down to the site office.

How is business today?

We have never been through more challenging times as our business encompasses multiple aspects, many of which have been impacted directly by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we believe strongly in building for the future and believe we as a business and an industry will come out stronger than ever. Utilising technology and working smarter are key areas in which we believe leveraging technology will give us an advantage and that’s why we love collaborating with progressive and responsive companies like Fonn who are working hard to disrupt the traditionally perceived notions of how things should be done.

What is the biggest challenge over the next few years for Higgihaus?

Seeing the back of Covid and the challenges presented by lockdown is of course a focus for everyone, but one which will hopefully be done and dusted in 2021. Our biggest challenge outside of that will be to continue to deliver excellence across all areas of the business as we scale and grow. We have fairly ambitious targets for growth over the next few years and look forward to continued collaboration with Fonn to provide the foundation on which our day-to-day project and construction site management rests.

Do you have any questions?

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