Benge Contractors: Fonn is the tool that helps you streamline your information cycle

05. May 2021 Written by Nate Clark

Benge Texas General Contractors in Dallas is a commercial constructor who mostly does restaurants as their speciality. Watch how the company is utilizing Fonn in all aspects of their operations. "If you are in the construction industry, you need all the tools that you can get in that toolbox. Fonn is one of those tools you need to have".

Using Fonn to handle the paper work

- We use Fonn as our software to keep up with all the paperwork of the job, and there's a lot of it. All RFI's and submittals is tracked through Fonn, says Jim Benge, the owner of Benge Contractors.

Doug Parchman, The Project Superintendent also shares his experience with Fonn:

- Fonn is helping us out in the field tremendously. It's a tool that we are using where we can take out our phone, iPad or tab. We write up a quick report, we can take pictures all around the job site. Our administration people in the office have got it at their fingertips, says Doug

Easy to share information with clients

He is also wants to point out that Fonn makes it easier to update the customers on the project:

- We can also share information with our clients, and some of our clients love that!

Benge emphasize that they can choose how much they want to send out to their administration, and how much they want to send to their clients.

- It's just a fantastic tool and helps us out in the field! If you are not using Fonn now, I would highly recommend that you start to do so!

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You can also visit the Benge Contractors homepage to read more about the company here.

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