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30. March 2021 Written by David Lawrence
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If you have attended any trade event, visited an industry website, or signed up for a newsletter, you have probably seen a Procore advertisement. Procore is one of the biggest software providers in the AEC sector. Having raised over $250m in funding to support the growth of the company and its workforce of 1,300+ Procore aims to set the trend for all things construction software.

You may even already be using Procore to manage your construction business. Recently more software providers have appeared on the market trying to disrupt the space and offer a different approach with huge successes. Fonn is uniquely placed to capitalize on the gaps in Procore’s offering and recently, Fonn has seen a shift of clients move from Procore to Fonn.

If you would like to see Fonn in action, get a price comparison and discuss the process here.

Procore’s approach
Procore does not actively market to any company with less than $2.5m in revenue, and companies that are sub $10m tend to get less favorable pricing (based on revenue) compared to those with bigger activity. Procore expanded from “4 products” in 2017 to the “13 products” they have today. Each product comes with its own price point.

The Procore platform is demonstrated as a single platform, but you need to factor in which of the Procore products you need to build your platform in a way that works for you. Procore also favors remote support over the actual face to face support that others offer (obviously covid has driven everyone to this, but this will change)

Fonn’s approach
Fonn offers the same unlimited users, projects, files that you get at Procore - anyone charging per user or seat for a collaborative platform is doing it very wrong! But that is where the similarities change. Fonn offers an award-winning app, for both Android and iOS - which is easy for the site teams to use. Fonn is a single product, with a single price point. No hidden fees, no extra charges for existing functionality. The price you pay, is the price you pay - typically clients can expect to save 30-50% of their Procore subscription costs by moving to Fonn.

Renewals are also totally transparent; you will know your renewal price for each year you stay with us. Fonn also offers 24/7 phone and live chat support, video tutorials, web demos and training, and where applicable and possible, real face to face training by expert product specialists.

Fonn has already successfully migrated many clients from Procore, we are capable of handling the entire process, ensuring a smooth, well-structured transition to Fonn.

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