Project collaboration

Communicate directly with other users on site, all in one place. Unlimited users and unlimited projects. Role-controlled access for all parties, within and outside of your organization

Construction workers communication worksite

Easy communication with internal and external participants in the project. Direct communication between users with oversight from management. Stop relying on your project managers to be the only way for trades and roles to communicate with each other. Open communication between all channels while monitoring any significant changes or decision. All deviations are easy to report and communication is time stamped and easily accessible.

Message functionality

Move communication and information away from scattered and hidden channels. Abandon confusing messages on multiple platforms like sms, Messenger and email and gather everything in one place with accessible history.

Variations and non-conformance management

Lower the threshold to report deviations. Use short text and photo documentation as minimum requirements. All cases can be continually enriched with information. Plot and create links to floor plans, create tasks for any improvement, add pictures, set categories for deviations and so much more.

Communicate directly and address issues immediately

Project members receive relevant information, communication and updates as a push notification directly on their mobile phone. Use our tool's notification capabilities to assign tasks, carry out inspections or create urgency when a deadline is approaching.