Gantt chart

Use Checklists in conjunction with Gantt to manage the timeline of your projects and keep them on schedule.

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Visualize how the project runs over time with a horizontal bar chart and different color codes for different chapters. Our dynamic Gantt chart allows users to drag and move items to adjust dates, durations or change the order of tasks to be completed. With Gantt, you get a clear visualization of the project's scope and progress.


Make schedule changes directly in the Gantt chart, moving Checklist items forward or backwards in time. Use our tool to adjust a single item or the entire group.

Color codes

Each group of items gets its own color code to make the overview of your project's progress easier to consume.

Generated automatically

The Gantt chart is generated automatically based on your Checklist.


Set dependencies between the different activities, and automatically track how changes impact delivery date.

Critical Path

Identify the critical path of your project with our built-in analyzer.