Client experience

Invite project owners into the project with limited visibility.

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Clients demand more and more of their builders. A good client relationship is absolutely crucial in delivering a successful project. Fonn has a role-driven approach with a separate role to keep clients involved, at a distance. Here, you can share relevant photos, information and invite clients to and approve changes with both cost and time consequences. All conversation and approvals are tracked leaving you with full history of agreed upon terms.

Role-controlled access

A dedicated role for the client. Limit access to the project to avoid involvement in unauthorized areas. Share selected photos, folders and documents with the owner.

Variation approval

The client can approve variations directly in Fonn. Upgrades, downgrades and other deviations can all be approved digitally in Fonn. Take control with a logged history to prevent any discrepancies after project completion.

Quick and easy communication

Keep the client informed and easily get approval changes or upgrades. No more messy email strings. No more subjectivity. Get clear approval on clear changes. Use a simple chat function, directly involving the client in Fonn to exchange information and end your conversations with a clear 'acceptance' or 'decline' of change orders.