Also called a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Consider this the roadmap for your project.

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The Checklist is the heart of every project. Use your pre-existing schedules to create a dynamic work flow with trackable results. This is your tailor-made implementation plan.

Organizational Checklists

Create Checklists for use across your organization in our Organization page. Each project can begin with an organizational template or a built from scratch plan.

Assign responsible parties

For each item, set the person responsible for completion along with a deadline. All participants can easily sort checklists to see tasks they are responsible for completing.

Complete and verify

Each item has a set of different values for users to update. Report progress for each item along the way using our toggles: open, in progress, completed, or verified.

Gantt Chart (Schedule)

All Checklist items with a start and end date can be visualized as a Gantt chart. Progress, start and end dates can be manipulated directly in the Gantt chart. Read more in a separate chapter here: Gantt Chart


Document all completed items with photos. Upload photos or take directly on mobile while in the app. Use in-app editing tool to highlight important details.

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