Finding an alternative to Deltek

Union square was acquired by Deltek back in 2016 and at the time they handled over 12,000 AEC companies globally. They offered a server-based project management system for construction teams to collaborate effectively on their builds.

Obviously having a server-based system had some drawbacks, servers need to be maintained and housed in a location with a good network. Some users reported issues with accessing the platform, but this was often down to the end-user having insufficient resources to manage and maintain the system.

Once acquired by Deltek, they started to push their cloud ERP services, hoping that this would allow potential and existing clients to transition to a SaaS model and increase their presence in the cloud space.

Recent developments

Deltek has now decided to cancel their products known as Collaboration and Collaboration Plus - which are their cloud-based document portals. Meaning existing clients will need to revert back to using Deltek PIM - the server-based system. It is not totally clear why Deltek would take this approach, as it seems to be a step in the wrong direction compared to everyone else in this space, but it could ultimately be down to Deltek's wider plans and movements (Deltek PIM, Collaboration and Collaboration + are just a handful of Deltek products).

Client response

The existing Deltek clients have spoken to are somewhat bemused as to why Deltek would take this approach, and their immediate concern is ensuring that their business won't suffer any continuity issues as a result. Some clients on the review site Capterra have been critical of even the SaaS platform and its stability - as well as a less than optimal user experience.

Introducing the alternative

Fonn has already been working with a number of existing Deltek clients to transition them over to a more user-friendly, stable cloud-based system. Fonn is totally cloud based, with an award winning app - featuring off-line capabilities.

Fonn has extensive experience in working with clients to move their operations over to a more user-friendly, cost-effective solution. If you feel that the change at Deltek will leave you out in the cold, my team are experienced in handling this process. You can schedule a 30-minute demo of Fonn today - they will talk you through the process, what to expect and explain our client migration plan in more detail.

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