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Fonn is construction management software that’s designed to save your team time, money, and effort, no matter what kind of project you’re working on. Born out of a desire to simplify every aspect of the construction process, Fonn is designed to make any project easier to complete. Our flexible, adaptive software was built to equip your team of builders, developers, and contractors with all the project management tools they could ever need—so that no matter what questions come up during a build, the correct, most updated answers are right at your team’s fingertips.


Get your time back

Did you know that, on average, only 35% of a construction worker’s time on site is productive? Fonn’s user-friendly, customized project management tools like Gantt charts, easy-to-update collaborative checklists, and photo notes make increasing productivity on worksites easy and fun. This means less time workers spend scratching their heads, and more time-on-tool.

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Reduce miscommunication

According to the most recent Pulse of the Profession report, only 57% of construction projects completed last year were completed on time, and about ⅓ of all construction projects experienced scope creep. A major factor in these roadblocks is miscommunication. When communication breaks down, valuable project time is lost, or worse—teams double up on work, or make preventable errors. Fonn’s unified platform and next-level communication tools make keeping every member of your work team up-to-date and on the same page easy and intuitive.

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Save Money

Re-work is one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of any site buildout or construction project. When construction teams are not on the same page, project costs soar and timelines stretch. Not only do Fonn's easy-to-use features keep every team member in the loop with crucial, time-sensitive updates on your projects, they also help cut back on the paperwork associated with these project overruns. And that’s only one way Fonn’s efficient construction project management capabilities can save you time, which saves you money (all while reducing your carbon footprint).

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Make every project easy

Having to train your entire team on a new tool is never fun. Where other construction project management software is sluggish, complicated, and over-designed, By keeping our app user-friendly above all, we make it simple for everyone on your team to become a Fonn expert in no time. Even better—no matter what your needs are, our friendly, 24/7 support team is ready and willing to help answer any questions that may come up.

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