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Project management for speciality contractors, subcontractors, renovations & extensions.

Fonn is a flexible system, which you can tailor to suit your projects. Small or large. Checklists, Issues, Tasks and layouts are adapted to your project. Get an overview of all your projects and stay up to date on everything that happens on the construction site, while sharing key information with your client. We help you get started.

Some of our clients

Construction workers communication worksite

Project collaboration

Communicate directly with other users on site, all in one place. Unlimited users and unlimited projects. Role-controlled access for all parties, within and outside of your organization

  • Message functionality
  • Variations and non-conformance management
  • Communicate directly and address issues immediately
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Task management

Do not leave deviations, errors or changes without being responsible for rectification. With Fonn, you can easily create tasks for other project participants.

  • Notifications
  • Linking of Tasks
  • Collective view for all Tasks
  • Highlight overdue Tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
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Make reporting changes or deviations on site easy. Use our Issues function to initiate communication on any situations that require answers to questions not provided in your plans.

  • Issues
  • Forms
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Project images

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have facilitated extensive use of images in several of our functions.

  • Mark ups
  • Camera or camera roll
  • Upload photos
  • Document discrepancies with photos
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Client experience

Invite project owners into the project with limited visibility.

  • Role-controlled access
  • Variation approval
  • Quick and easy communication
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Gantt chart

Use Checklists in conjunction with Gantt to manage the timeline of your projects and keep them on schedule.

  • Dynamic
  • Color codes
  • Generated automatically
  • Dependencies
  • Critical Path
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Frequently asked questions.

How much does Fonn cost?


You pay based on the size of your company. Find your price plan under pricing in the main menu, or get in touch. We always include unlimited number of projects, unlimited number of users and unlimited data storage.

What happens if I change my subscription?


All data is stored and made available to you for the next 12 years, with the possibility of extension. Data is available regardless of our customer relationship (read only access), and whether you have an active subscription or not.

Can I invite participants outside my organization to my Fonn projects?


Yes. All participants are given a specified role which indicates what they have access to as well as what you do not want them to see. Fonn is more than an internal system. Good projects include all participants in the project, we have no limitations on number of users.

Do you have any questions?

We are here to help. Ask us anything, or ask for a live demo with one of our product specialists. At Fonn, we have real people answering, not chat robots.

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