Task management

Do not leave deviations, errors or changes without being responsible for rectification. With Fonn, you can easily create tasks for other project participants.

Tasks English V3

All deviations, changes, updates and cases should have a responsible project participant. It does not hold that everyone sees that a change is required, that a deviation exists or that a mistake has been made. Someone also needs to fix, repair or grab. With Fonn, you can easily create assignments for other project participants and set a deadline for completion. The person who has been assigned the task receives a push notification on a mobile or email informing about the responsibility.


If you have been delegated a task, you will instantly receive a push notification on your mobile device. All status changes to tasks will be notified to both the person responsible and the assigner.

Linking of Tasks

A Task can be stand-alone or you can link it to an Issue, a Document, a Drawing or a Checklist Item.

Collective view for all Tasks

The Tasks are readily available in your own personal To-Do list, which means that you can easily find a list of both your own and delegated Tasks.

Highlight overdue Tasks

All Tasks that are open, or overdue, or Rejected are highlighted with a "red dot".

Recurring Tasks

Create recurring tasks for all the tasks that periodically occur on your project to ensure that you stay on top of repetitive activities on your project.