Project reports

Keep valuable information in the hands of company leaders without wasting labor hours creating reports.

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Push everything that takes place on the project into one report. Create daily reports, weekly reports or reports for self-selected time period with one click of a button. All completed Checklist items, Issues, Tasks and other pertinent information that takes place on site is automatically populated in the reports you create for any given period of time.

Eliminate labor hours and busy work

While there is space to add notes for your work or that of subcontractors, no additional information is required. As your team completes work in the field and tracks that completion, it shows up in your reports automatically. Stop wasting 30-60 minutes at the end of the day creating hand prepared reports and let the work that's been accomplished auto populate with the click of a button.

Generated automatically

Create a report and automate emails to necessary parties.

Custom time period

Select daily, weekly report or define the time period you want report to show.

Your logo

All reports are generated with your logo for professionalism and signification of scope of work performed.

Interactive report

Many details in the report are hyperlinked. Click directly in the report to see more detail directly in the project.