Fonn offers modern and easy to use RFI handling. Using automated workflows, shorten time-consuming processes with Fonn.

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RFI (Information Request)

Projects often need clarification along the way. Documenting questions and clarifying changes is important in the event of any complaints or warranty issues. With Fonn, formal documentation of changes and information requests are automated in our RFI module.


RFI email reply

With RFI email reply, you don’t have to log in to submit and answer. You simply send the RFI through Fonn, and let another party respond via an email link.


Fonn keeps track of all your project's RFI's and their status. Our dashboard has built-in filters so it easy to find the RFI's and Documents you are looking for.

Automatic Linking of Documents

All documents added related to an RFI are automatically added to Fonn's document management system. No need for double work.