Drawings and Document management

Drawings, photos, documents and other files are stored in the cloud. Always the latest version. Always available

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Cloud-based document management provides the most updated information and latest versions of files available. Upload individual files or entire folders. Notify all participants of updates and changes. Use access control to decide who has access to what documents.

The latest versions of drawings right in your pocket

Put all drawings and documents directly in the pockets of performers. Ensure consistent quality with direct interaction and access to the latest revisions of drawings and specifications.

Role-controlled access

Control who has access to what folders throughout the course of the project.

Organization folder

Store frequently used company files and templates in one place for ease of access for all current and future projects. Protect them with access control.

Full access from mobile, tablet and computer

Whether your team is in the field or in an office, Fonn is easy to use and congruent across all platforms. Our tool is designed and developed to ensure ease of use for all parties, making buy-in from your job site simple and information for your office valuable. Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.

Document processing directly in Fonn

Use our tool for measurement, plotting, annotations, signatures, document approval, comments and other communication directly on drawings.

We support most file formats

We support viewing of pdf, ifc, dwg, dgn, jpg, png, mp4, docx, xlsx, ppt, 360 images and more.

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