Make reporting changes or deviations on site easy. Use our Issues function to initiate communication on any situations that require answers to questions not provided in your plans.

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Deviations and changes occur on all projects. Fonn allows fast and user friendly reporting and handling of changes and deviations. Using our Issues function makes getting information and tracking communication simple and easy. Take photos in the tool, tie them to locations in the drawings and answer questions all in one place. Remove liability issues completely by having trackable conversations, eliminating 'he said' 'she said' legal issues after completion of a project or phase.


All participants can report changes and deviations as easily as sending a text message. More information can be added later in the project. Use the Issues function to drop in or take pictures, assign Tasks, or plot locations directly in a drawing. All communication is role-based and only the relevant participants are notified.


Create your own forms to report deviations in your own format.