Project Health
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Project Health

Read our White Paper "Project Health": Fonn's Data-centric Journey to Create Artificial Intelligence for Construction Project Health

Traditional construction processes and workflows are linked to vital information that is not being made accessible to workers in a timely manner. As activities are completed, construction crews can’t wait days, weeks or sometimes just hours for information from projects to be made available. Accurate and timely information captured on project sites is the backbone for reporting project health and performance.

A project manager wants a healthy project, yet few projects are delivered on time, on budget, with proper quality, and customer satisfaction. Fonn investigated this challenge and started working on a solution for it. The solution enables users to track, monitor, and predict construction Project Health using AI technology gathered from our customers. This white paper investigates how Project Health is understood in the construction industry and how it is reflected in 4 key areas: Satisfaction, Safety, Quality, and Costs.