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17. February 2021 Written by Jan Tore Grindheim
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Almost all construction projects are subject to changes, and according to studies more than one third of all construction projects are subject to major change.

Almost all changes will have a negative effect on productivity, effectiveness and quality.

A site workers day is only productive approx. 35% of the time (“time-on-tool”). The high thresholds of obtaining the latest information, communicating directly to the relevant contributors, in an effective way, is a key factor.

Lagging construction productivity as a whole, has a total cost to the U.S. global economy of 1.6 trillion dollars a year. The latest years, productivity has gained more and more attention. Digitalizing the use of tools like BIM, digital RFIs and submittals and document sharing.

However, most systems are internally focused, for one company only, and complex systems for office use.

It is important to get all needed information on-site. Involving all participants in your projects. Sub-contractors and others need information to be able to do their job right the first time and increase their productivity.

Fonn Construction is all about inclusive usability and involving all participants in the project, from the apprentice electrician to the general contractor or even the end-user.

Removing false thresholds like pay-per-user-licenses and information over-flow.

Enabling everyone to get the job right.

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