Data Treatment Statement

Why We are Gathering Data

Fonn is a unified project management solution that increases productivity on site, and we are always looking at ways to give our customers more tools to better manage their projects. Therefore we are building machine learning models to give managers more insight into their projects. You can read more about how we are doing just that here:

Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence in Construction

How We Treat Your Data

We gather in-app survey data related to questions about, Project Health, Satisfaction, Safety, and Quality. All responses are anonymized. We don’t use any personal data related to our users and their responses. We will never share your responses with employers, clients, or subcontractors. We use anonymized survey data strictly for analytical purposes, to train AI models which in turn will help you manage your projects.

Aggregate and Anonymized Information

We will never publish data about our clients or their projects not in an aggregated form. Aggregated Information is an anonymized version of data and does not identify any individual. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, we use Aggregate Information to understand our customers and to develop, improve and/or market our services. We may provide Aggregate Information to third parties or publish Analytical Results such as in our whitepapers (TODO link).

Contact information

If you want to learn more about data usage how we handle data privacy please feel free to view our privacy policy here. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at